How can we help your organization?

At KCL Software Solutions Inc., we work directly with our customers to create and support a product that meets their needs. We believe our job is not just about creating a piece of software – it is about understanding our customer’s needs, helping them through the entire process of developing a software solution, and continuing to be available for prompt and reliable support once the product is complete.

We have been providing custom software solutions, technical consultation, and software training for over a decade. We are happy to provide references or direct you to some of our online work. For more information, please contact us.

Open Data and Open Source

Our current projects have a strong emphasis on Open Source and Open Data, particularly in the Human Service sector. This includes the development of the CIOC Software suite, and the related Open CIOC project. We are available for consultation on CIOC and other Open Data projects, including offering support for using and deploying CIOC Software and Data products.


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