Tomorrow’s Open Q&A Session will be our first, and we hope you’ll join us! Here is what to expect…

Questions are first come, first served.

Please have one or two sentences about your issue prepared ahead of time. When you join the session, use the GoToMeeting Chat window to indicate one question or issue you would like help with. The description of your issue or question can be very brief, for instance: “Help needed with Design Template”. When your first question has been answered, you are welcome to add another to the chat.

Any CIOC-related topic is acceptable.

The Open Q&A is a chance to ask questions that wouldn’t normally be covered by support, such as advice on special projects. As long as it is CIOC-related, it will be considered for discussion.

Answers may be time-limited.

If there are a number of people with questions, it may not be possible to provide a complete answer to your question. If the issue is a regular support question, then you may be contacted for follow-up after the session. No new questions will be taken after the first 45 minutes.

The session is not recorded, but it is not private.

To help participants feel comfortable in using this time to ask about information specific to their organization, these sessions are not recorded. However, the session is not private, and so confidential information should not be shared.

How often are Q&A Sessions held?

Sessions are drop-in (no preregistration) and generally held the 3rd Friday of each month. Visit for a complete listing of upcoming sessions.


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