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On September 29th at 2PM EST, we will be running an information session on Open Initiatives, including Open Source, Open Data, and Open Referral.

This session is for you if…

  • You have heard about Open Referral or other Open Data initiatives and want to understand what they mean and how they might be applicable to your organization
  • You are curious about how Open Source projects work or are wondering what “Open Source” will mean for you as a CIOC member or user
  • You want to understand important considerations when planning for and participating in Open Initiatives, including licensing, talking and reporting to funders, considering alternative revenue models, and the impact of collaborative management.

We are very happy to welcome a special guest: Greg Bloom, Chief Organizing Officer of the Open Referral initiative, who will be participating in a portion of this session to introduce Open Referral and answer your questions about this initiative.


This presentation will have CIOC-specific information, but the majority of the presentation will be approached as a general information session on many aspects of what all of these Open Initiatives mean.

This session is intended for a non-technical audience and is particularly applicable to organization executives considering the impacts of Open Initiatives for their organization. There are no restrictions on attendees to this session, particularly since this session contains lots of information that is applicable beyond CIOC. You are welcome to forward this invitation on to other interested parties, but each party attending needs to complete their own registration.

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